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LignoBiotech symposium was held the first time in France (Reims, 2010), then in Japan (Fukuoka, 2012), Chile (Concepcion, 2014), Spain (Madrid, 2016), and in Finland (Helsinki, 2018). Over these years, the LignoBiotech Symposium has established itself as a preeminent forum on biotechnology applied to lignocelluloses, where industrial enzymes and synthetic biology converge with chemical engineering and material sciences to advance the development of new bio-based products. 

LignoBiotech 2020 will be held in Toronto, Canada, on 26-28 August 2020 
LignoBiotech 2020 will emphasize latest advances in biotechnologies that transform cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin into fuels, high-value chemicals, and new bio-based materials. Bioprocesses to extract value from mill effluents will also be described. Recent opportunities that have arisen through advances in data analysis, molecular engineering, and the integration bio-conversion pathways with thermochemical processes and material sciences, will be emphasized.

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